Anti-fraud System Added
2012-06-08 20:16:10

Hello, we have set a new system to disable upload for users having low ratio. Priority is always for high ratio users.
If you got any message by error please contact us.
For users disabled. You can re-enable upload by increasing your ratio (share our links).
Thank you for understanding.

By fdkonline
21:41 08 Jun 2012

I have 6.83 Ratio. Its Good o Bad??

By extraminain
01:41 09 Jun 2012

You are deploying changes way too quickly. You can't force your users to spam links everywhere just to increase their ratio.

By osef
02:25 09 Jun 2012

the upload is long now .....

By osef
03:27 09 Jun 2012

impossible upload !!! help me

By moros
05:12 09 Jun 2012

very upload and my ratio 100 !!!!

By moros
05:12 09 Jun 2012


By osef
05:52 09 Jun 2012

remote not work.... my ratio : 8.20, is normaly ?

07:20 09 Jun 2012

Remote upload fixed.
@extraminain: We are trying to give best quality by limiting upload for some kind of people: I got users using more than 5TB of bandwidth without any hit on their links.
@fdkonline: Yes it's good.
@osef: remote upload fixed you go ahead now :)
@moros: We are trying to give you more speed.
Thanks for ALL :)

By osef
08:30 09 Jun 2012

great job !!! thanks

By extraminain
02:05 10 Jun 2012

@ARA I agree , there are people who is always going to abuse your resources and ANTIFRAUD system is a must for sites like this.. However yesterday I thought that I got banned for Anti-Fraud because Remote upload was not working for me.

By ad-team
14:15 15 Jun 2012

great job mr admin
good luck

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