VidBull,,Blitzfiles added.
2012-09-26 13:55:13

Hello, we've added, and with account support.

By picallo
15:17 26 Sep 2012

Thank you very much!!! really appreciated!!!

By icewarez
15:18 26 Sep 2012

i will test then
thank you so much

PS: please, fiz Uptobox upload

best regards

By picallo
15:25 26 Sep 2012

I would like to sugest and 247upload

By deter
12:10 27 Sep 2012


By bring22
20:39 30 Sep 2012

Download error / File size error j ai toujours ce message avec le remote upload

By xtremesora
15:21 01 Oct 2012

Fix Minus
i can't upload files to my Minus Account anymore :(

By tuhin
00:24 02 Oct 2012

what is happening with the uploads?i selected 11 sites but 9 of them showing n/a.

By Razor
01:11 02 Oct 2012

Zippyshare not working........!!!!!!!
please check it

By solohd
21:03 02 Oct 2012

Same problem here, all files uploaded to Zippyshare are missing, but when I open the links from Exoshare its say that there is online... click on Zippyshare links... "File does not exist in this server"

By ajaxkmr
18:08 03 Oct 2012

same problem here not just zippyshare but jumbofiles also cannot work anymore

By mavis
00:54 04 Oct 2012

How about adding

By solohd
00:37 05 Oct 2012


Is there anybody here???? OMG Exoshare have the "fastes" support that i heve ever seen

By ad-team
16:00 06 Oct 2012

zippyshare upload size fixed at 200mb guys

By icewarez
21:27 08 Oct 2012

thnx ad-team
great job
best regards

By solohd
13:02 15 Oct 2012

Zippyshare dont work

By picallo
12:03 17 Oct 2012

Could you please add

By zeoarchive
13:49 24 Oct 2012

mediafire is notworking

By Baldassano
15:17 26 Oct 2012


By Bryan_123456
01:08 28 Oct 2012

I can not upload to rapidshare

By zeoarchive
03:36 28 Oct 2012

zyppyshare not working

By fdkonline
23:39 28 Oct 2012

Rapidshare NO Upload!!

By ajaxkmr
08:19 29 Oct 2012

add this site

By Shinn_II
23:38 02 Nov 2012


By mohanshr
08:07 06 Nov 2012


By marisol
20:19 07 Dec 2012

Fiberupload does not work

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You can set your preferred filehosts on your account, we will send files to them even when you use another upload method! FileUploader is also supported.


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Our codes are based on dual upload type , php and python upload types. If one of them fails to upload , we will try automatically the other process.