New filehosts: , ..
2012-12-25 13:45:02

Hello, we've added these hosters with account support:

Please feel free to request any other host.
Have a nice upload :)

By abelvi59
13:48 25 Dec 2012

gracias brother

By Shinn_II
15:28 25 Dec 2012


By icewarez
17:09 25 Dec 2012

good job

but, fix netload
exoshare send file into my acc, but the page dont show the link anyway


By Admin
07:15 26 Dec 2012

Netload Fixed.
About Sendspace; they are blocking upload via our servers. We will find something to bypass it.
Upload is blocked on Filetrip; we can't upload files. Error is coming from their servers. We will add it when they fix it.
Karelia is under dev.
Have a nice day !

By icewarez
13:06 26 Dec 2012

thnx admin
you are the best
good job

By maken
13:17 26 Dec 2012

Admin please add
with account support

By slimps3
15:44 26 Dec 2012

Admin pleas add

By iMetalNerd
00:31 28 Dec 2012

please add

By marisol
06:44 30 Dec 2012

Does not load work in secureupload, podeis to arrange?

By kidoors
10:16 03 Jan 2013


By decter
19:21 01 Feb 2013 please add

By thewil
08:51 03 Feb 2013

cloudzer doesn't work

By Silla
19:11 21 Feb 2013

add and fix (&delete link after download-link)

By marreko
20:25 28 Feb 2013

Add plz, and fix rapidgator.

By marreko
18:19 03 Mar 2013

Can you add


By tiocunmeng
14:01 01 Jun 2013

Please add :D

By marisol
06:55 19 Jun 2013

can you please add

By momothedog
10:30 25 Jun 2013

Can you add

By marisol
18:38 08 Jul 2013

can you please add

By bailando
11:35 29 Jul 2013

Two promising candidate:

By raptor150
19:30 04 Aug 2013

Cloudzer,Filefactory,Extabit,Netload,Vreer and Tusfiles not working.

By bodymaney2009
22:21 16 Sep 2013

Please Add

And Extend File size to 3GB At Least Please

By bodymaney2009
22:23 16 Sep 2013

Please Add

It is Direct

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